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Examples of 'Jing'

  • A screenshot of editing a document using 'Jing'. This is a powerful tool to add another dimension to documents, for example to give directions to elaborate on instructions or to highlight next step learning.


View a learner's authentic reflection (on a 'snapshot' in time on his personal writing) captured using Jing's voice recording option.

Video Tutorial on how to make a screencast using 'Jing'

Why did 'Jing' make it to the list of Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2009? (and what are those tools?) Click **HERE** to find out

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What is being said 'out there' about Jing?
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Here is a link to a forum discussing Jing use in the classroom - Click **HERE**
The forum is located with the
**Classroom 2.0 Ning** which is well worth a visit!

Here is a link to the ****Jing Blog****
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